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The Solana Cookbook is a developer resource that provides the essential concepts and recipes for building applications on Solana. Each concept and recipe will focus on specific aspects of Solana development while providing more details and usage examples.

Solana Command-line Application Tools Suite

Quickly create an anchor program from templates and set up an anchor dev environment.

Poll Solana Accounts efficiently on an interval to keep your requests in accordance with rate limited RPCs

JavaScript wrapper around Metaplex's Candy Machine so you can easily use it to mint NFT from you apps!

Use SOL Pay Streams to stream Solana micropayments from users to applications or other users in a fully non-custodial way!

TPU Client will send transactions straight to the TPU Leader called via the sendTransaction and sendRawTransaction functions

An SDK that interprets your program's instruction states, and exports them into an AVRO-compatible state.

This repository contains some of the scripts used for running airdrop campaigns and other distributions.

Light and simple tool to create an NFT with customize field and royalties, Metaplex compatible.

These packages created to simplify the process of parsing NFTs on Solana. The project written in TypeScript and is used/battle-tested by NftEyez.Global with thousands of daily users.

Command line tool written in Typescript to retrieve mint tokens with metadata from the Solana blockchain.

A tool for finding Metaplex token metadata PDAs + displaying the metadata.

A UI for the creation and management of SPL tokens

Suite of open-source scripts to automate the task of sending airdrops to Solana NFT communities.

How much $SOL is stuck in Metaplex auctions that you bid on but didn't win?

Arweave Fees Calculator provides the approximate real-time cost to store data permanently on Arweave.

Command-line utility that can be used to experiment with SPL tokens

A program for distributing tokens according to a Merkle root. This program is largely based off of Uniswap's Merkle Distributor.

The Solana Metaplex NFT 'Swiss Army Knife' tool

Visualise Solana Data Easily with the most powerful and flexible tools for Solana data exploration

Faucets are a must-have when developing dApps to test out token flows. A faucet allows you to receive an arbitrary amount of tokens; always coming from the same Mint

SPLdrop is a Batch Transaction DApp that can be used for airdrop campaigns or to transfer funds to thousands of addresses.

vscode extension for Anchor (Solana's Sealevel runtime Framework).

A tool for finding Associated Token Accounts

A tool for finding and displaying token metadata using spl-token-registry.

A tool for finding Solana PDAs (program derived addresses).

Modular TypeScript wallet adapter and UI components for Solana/Anchor applications using SvelteJS as framework. This package contains a solution for Svelte Template and SvelteKit, making possible to build Solana Dapps in SPA or SSR mode.