SDKs & Frameworks

Anchor is a framework for Solana's Sealevel runtime providing several convenient developer tools for writing smart contracts.

Solana Javascript API built on the Solana JSON RPC API

A comprehensive SDK for working with the Helius API (

A wallet / SDK that supports integration into Unity apps for gaming.

Crossmint is an SDK that enables minting your NFT collection with a credit card - free for creators & only 5 lines of code.

Snowflake SDK provides services and a set of APIs used for interacting with the automation infrastructure of Snowflake on Solana blockchain.

This is an open source library on Kotlin for Solana protocol. The objective is to create a cross platform, fully functional, highly tested and less dependencies as possible.

Features generates the most precise and optimal getProgramAccounts queries possible automatically batches queries autocompletes and type checks everything it possibly can enables advanced local filtering accepts custom borsh deserializers and fetch functions zero dependencies (for the time being)

SOL Pay SDK is the easiest way for front-end developers to accept Solana payments, interact with SPL tokens, prompt users to sign messages, and more!

Snowflake Safe is a feature-rich multisig wallet for Solana. Snowflake Safe SDK provides an easy way to interact with Snowflake Safe multisig. You can create safes, submit, approve and execute multisig proposals using the SDK.

Solana client, written in pure swift.

Solana's .NET SDK and integration library.

Solana blockchain client, written in pure Java. Solanaj is an API for integrating with Solana blockchain using the Solana RPC API.

Solana Python API built on the JSON RPC API. Python version of solana-web3.js for interacting with Solana.

Open Source library on pure swift for Solana protocol.

Dart and Flutter libraries maintained by Crypto Please team including Solana Dart Client Package.

Go library to interface with Solana JSON RPC and WebSocket interfaces.

Bulldozer is a low code platform that uses abstractions common for developers. It gives developers the ability to manage their program’s ecosystem through a UI, hiding all the gory details to focus on the business logic.

WalletKit is a React library that allows a Solana dApp to display a modal for connecting wallets.

AnchorPy is the Python client for Anchor. It allows you to interact with Anchor programs using Python instead of Typescript/Javascript.