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A base scaffold to get a quick start on your Solana dApp

base application for Solana to get you up and running.

A solana-scaffold-app is an easy way for beginners to set up dApp development environment and develop fast.

Deploy your own NFT marketplace in 5 minutes with candy shop and the nextJS template.

This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app.

This is a SvelteKit project powered by create-svelte to create Solana Dapps based on Svelte. t is using the svelte-wallet-adapter to integrate wallets, and tailwindcss and daisyui for styling.

Template demonstrating Standard Program Setup, CLI, Unit Testing BPF ,Integration Testing (local, devnet, etc.)

Next.JS, TypeScript, @solana/wallet-adapter, @solana/web3.js for interactions with wallets & Tailwind CSS

The Candy-Machine-Mint project is meant to be as simple and usable as possible, accessible to everyone from long-time crypto devs to junior React devs with a vague interest in NFTs.

This is a simple CRA app with TypeScript and Solana wallet connection through wallet-adapter

Sample app demonstrating the creation of a minimal CLI application written in Rust to interact with Solana.