We announced a new product!


This is a very nice and cool async, weeklong project for curious devs that want to hack around with Solana.

Ship your own custom NFT collection on Solana w/ Metaplex in a weekend

Kickstart you Solana developer journey and start contributing to ecosystem projects from day one with this great series of Solana quests.

Basic implementation for how to retrieve and display NFTs from user address, view all your Solana Nft's in one place

In this quest, we will be developing our own crypto-currency on the Solana blockchain

In this quest, you will be creating your first own token on Solana using Javascript by creating a web application.

Develop an airdrop program throughout this quest. Airdrop refers to the act of sending a cryptocurrency to a wallet.

In this Quest, we'll be building our own Website and use a Candy Machine which will be containing our NFT assets.

In this quest, we will be developing a blockchain based time-capsule. This essentially means that you'll be able to leave a message on the Solana blockchain and anyone can view it.

Next.js, Whitelist signup to Notion, Tailwind CSS, NFT Collection Viewer, and more.

Vestor is a program on Solana that allows you to schedule your token release or transfer. This could be used for investor token release and incentive token grants.

Fork of the famous Exiled-Apes Candy-Machine-Mint project and compatible with all Candy Machine V2 functionalities

In this quest you will learn how to get the wallet Balance, and transfer SOL to a wallet, all by creating an amazing Roulette Game.

In this quest you will learn how to create your own candy machine to mint NFTs on the Solana Network.

In this quest, we will be developing a simple calculator.

In this quest you’ll be creating your very own personal wallet application that can create a new wallet for you, import any old wallet, request airdrop in your wallet and finally, get the balance of your wallet!