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An introduction to Solana for anyone new to web3 development.

Mindmap depicting the overall capabilities of Solana and official learning resources.

Anchor framework is quickly becoming the de facto approach to building Solana on-chain programs. Its abstractions offer security and ergonomics that a typical Solana developer may miss while chewing glass.

In this post, you'll learn about how fees are calculated, when they're collected and distributed, and finally a look at some changes that are coming soon.

An article document giving an an intro to Solana for Solidity developers.

I have been inspired by projects such as orca, jet, cykura and others that strive towards a high degree of reusability and separation of concerns. It has become clear that one style has emerged.

This article introduces the Solana programs internals and highlights some of the intricacies.

Part 2 - Arbundles

A tutorial on how to set up a Solana smart contract project for experimenting with the solana rust sdk and the spl token program.

This blog post is going to dig into one of the most irritating issues plaguing the Solana developer ecosystem. "Transaction was not confirmed in 30.00 seconds. It is unknown if it succeeded or failed.”

This is a short guide for debugging the custom program errors that come up when interacting with your anchor program using the javascript client library.

This article focuses on the upgradability of Solana programs and highlights some intricacies.

This article elaborates on the design of the TPU and highlights some intricacies.

Solana blockchain structures data differently than other blockchains, it may be confusing at first but, in my opinion, its model makes sense and is closer to how we represent things in the real world. Thus, we’ll first start by looking at how we do things in the real world and gradually move our way towards the representation of an NFT.

Should I learn Rust or Solidity

Explanation for understanding Program Derived Addresses

How to learn Solana

A technical overview of how Solana processes transactions, along with tips on how developers can handle dropped transactions.

A Review of Recent Hacks on Solana: what’s in common and how to prevent them?

An Ethereum developer (sort of) learns how Solana transactions work.

A list of resources to learn Rust. It includes videos, official docs, and blog posts. These resources complement each other, covering different learning styles and approaches to the language.

This article presents the design and implementation of TheWheel dApp on the Solana network.

Learn about Solana with easy language aimed at beginners

Learn about the technical innovations of Solana with pop culture icons The Simpsons

Discover what makes Solana tick without technical jargon

Colorful walkthrough and explanation of the Solana blockchain w/ Ethererum comparisons.

Faucets are a must-have when developing dApps to test out token flows. A faucet allows you to receive an arbitrary amount of tokens; always coming from the same Mint