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The Composers: Episode #6 - Serum DAO

Welcome to The Composers, Serum's new podcast series based on our weekly Twitter Spaces. Who is composing with Serum to deliver the next generation of decentralized finance (DeFi) services? We're breaking the mould a bit this week (of October): instead of the usual guest feature episode format, we're going the more introspective route and running some important topics about the new Serum DAO by JHL, a core contributor to Serum. What's on the chopping board? Voting, governance, quorum, SRM and MSRM, and much more. No matter what your role is in the Serum ecosystem, this episode is for you. If you enjoyed this video, follow Project Serum on YouTube for more! Timestamps 00:00 Updates 01:38 New Forum & DAO 02:40 Purpose of New Forum & DAO 03:19 New Discord Channel 03:53 Serum Proposal Process 05:20 Motivation for Serum to move to a DAO 06:30 How to participate in Serum DAO 07:30 Serum Voting 10:30 Liquidity Mining Program 12:31 New features of Serum DAO 13:42 Audience Question & Answer Learn more about Serum: https://linktr.ee/projectserum Get involved: https://dao.projectserum.com Visit Project Serum: https://www.projectserum.com/ Follow Project Serum Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjectSerum