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The Composers #2 - PsyOptions (ft. Friktion)

Welcome to The Composers, Serum's new podcast series based on our weekly Twitter Spaces. Who is composing with Serum to deliver the next generation of decentralized finance (DeFi) services? This week, we're joined by Tommy and Taylor from the PsyOptions team, as well as Friktion Labs. PsyOptions is a fully decentralized American-style and physically-settled options protocol built on the Solana and Serum. Friktion is DeFi’s premier risk-management solution and poised to launch their devnet alpha. We talk options theory, risk management solutions, PsyOptions' Solana Hackathon success, the move from a non-financial background into building derivatives on Solana, and much more! Learn more about Serum: https://linktr.ee/projectserum Learn more about PsyOptions: https://psyoptions.io/ Learn more about Friktion Labs: https://friktion.finance/