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The Composers #11 - Solvent Protocol

Welcome to The Composers, Serum's new podcast series based on our weekly Twitter Spaces. Who is composing with Serum to deliver the next generation of decentralized finance (DeFi) services? This week, we are joined by Solvent Protocol, built to enable index funds for NTFs on Solana. Solvent Protocol is a platform for any NFT holder that wants liquidity out of their NTFs, can deposit their NFT asset into its particular NFT collection on Solvent (bucket) for minting fungible tokens (droplets) of that particular NFT project in exchange. These fungible tokens are tradable on Serum order books just like any other tokens on Solana. This means that these droplets can be used for all DeFi applications and on-chain protocols. If you enjoyed this video, follow Project Serum on YouTube for more! Timestamps: 0:00 Introductions 0:53 Background experience 3:48 What led to crypto 4:56 Solvent Protocol elevator pitch 7:32 Why Solana 10:57 How does Solvent compose with Serum 12:57 Multichain NFT plans 16:05 Use cases for Solvent 18:23 Advice for hackathon participants 21:13 Q&A: Permissionless Buckets 24:46 Q&A: Liquidity mining on Solvent 25:43 Q&A: Governance 27:47 Q&A: What happens if everyone sells NFT on the bucket 29:40 Last words Learn more about Serum: https://linktr.ee/projectserum Learn more about Solvent Protocol: https://app.solvent.xyz/ Follow Project Serum Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjectSerum