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From Hackathon to Mainnet

Learn more about hackathon winners and their journey to Mainnet with Michelle's panel. Hear about hackathon goals, milestones, and their overall experience in developing projects. Listen in on the audience's questions and answers provided by the panelists. Host: Michelle Speakers: Uddhav (Friktion) Ayush (Katana) Dima (01) Timestamps 00:00 Katana 01:16 01 Protocol 01:49 Friktion 03:41 How did you decide to build your projects 08:01 Experience building on Solana blockchain 11:20 Hackathon challenges 15:15 Hackathon goals 19:24 Hackathon roadmap 23:05 How the hackathon has helped project growth 26:43 Securing financing 30:07 Hackathon theme 34:08 Crosschain DeFi projects 25:01 Challenges 38:03 Audience questions More about the Convergence - Serum & Wormhole Hackathon: https://serum-wormhole-hackathon.devpost.com/ View the Convergence Hackathon winners here: https://serum-wormhole-hackathon.devpost.com/project-gallery Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ-jrhf6mt2PWa8cqF1-6Mw Visit Project Serum: https://www.projectserum.com/ Follow Project Serum Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjectSerum Follow Friktion: https://twitter.com/friktion_labs Katana: https://twitter.com/Katana_HQ 01 Protocol: https://twitter.com/zero1_flux