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Solana 2022 Outlook

Explore what the future of Solana looks like with Bartosz Lipinski. What's in store for Solana? In 2022, Solana is all about growth. Host: Michelle Speakers: Bartosz Lipinski (Solana) Timestamps 00:00 Introductions 02:41 Why Build on Solana 04:52 Projects on Solana 06:52 NFTs & DAOs 07:50 Hacker House 09:58 Solana Challenges 10:44 Future of Solana 11:49 Cross chains 13:09 Solana Slots 14:10 How to get started in DeFi in traditional finance 15:19 How to get started in DeFi as a web2 developer 17:20 Audience questions More about the Convergence - Serum & Wormhole Hackathon: https://serum-wormhole-hackathon.devpost.com/ View the Convergence Hackathon winners here: https://serum-wormhole-hackathon.devpost.com/project-gallery Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ-jrhf6mt2PWa8cqF1-6Mw Visit Project Serum: https://www.projectserum.com/ Follow Project Serum Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjectSerum Follow Solana Twitter: https://twitter.com/solana