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How to Anchor with Armani Ferrante

Learn how to anchor with Armani (creator of Anchor). Anchor powers many apps on Solana, making it super beneficial to know how to use for hackathon projects. Explore products built on Anchor and listen to Armani answer questions and go over examples. Host: Michelle Speakers: Armani Ferrante (Serum & Anchor) Timestamps 00:00 Introductions 01:58 What is Anchor? 05:40 Smart Contract 24:18 IDL 29:37 TypeScript Test 32:20 Questions & Examples More about the Convergence - Serum & Wormhole Hackathon: https://serum-wormhole-hackathon.devpost.com/ View the Convergence Hackathon winners here: https://serum-wormhole-hackathon.devpost.com/project-gallery Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ-jrhf6mt2PWa8cqF1-6Mw Visit Project Serum: https://www.projectserum.com/ Follow Project Serum Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProjectSerum Follow Anchor Twitter: https://twitter.com/anchor_protocol