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Yutaro Mori & Grace Kwan - Co-Founders of Orca Ep #46

Yutaro Mori & Grace Kwan are the Co-Founders of Orca, a user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange built on Solana. 01:15 – About Orca and its vision 09:48 – What’s the future of DeFi? 20:48 – A little bit about Orca’s roadmap 25:50 – What does Orca’s team look like? 32:11 – The internet hasn’t changed much, people grew into it. How will crypto grow more present in our life? 36:22 – Solana and zero knowledge proof 40:02 – Orca’s next features planned for Q2 and Q3 43:46 – How does Orca plan on growing their worldwide community?