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Jonathan Schemoul - Founder of Aleph.im Ep #48

Jonathan "Moshe" Schemoul is the founder of Aleph.im, a cross-chain p2p storage, computing network and first decentralized indexing provider for Solana. 00:36 – Intro & how did Jonathan Schemoul got in crypto 02:09 – What is Aleph and how does it work? 06:48 – Is Aleph database a blockchain? 09:20 – Understanding core nodes and Aleph’s economics 11:22 – How does Aleph interact with DNS? 15:29 – How does Aleph get verification of certificates? 21:44 – How does Aleph check integrity of computation? 25:06 – What is Aleph’s vision? 30:32 – Will Aleph always be project facing or will it one day be user facing? 32:28 – What load can Aleph currently handle? 39:00 – How do the economics work for people providing hardware and bandwidth?