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Jason Choi - General Partner at Spartan Capital Ep #43

Jason Choi is a General Partner at Spartan Capital, one of Asia’s first crypto funds. As Spartan Capital’s first employee, Jason helped scale the fund from $9M to $200M within 3 years, and supported the launch of Spartan’s $50M DeFi-only venture fund to back world-class teams shaping the future of finance. 00:23 – Getting into crypto and about Spartan Capital 04:33 – How does Spartan Capital invests? 11:47 – Next wave: building for current users vs future adopters? 19:47 – DeFi and the yield farming phenomenon 30:36 – From CeFi to DeFi for the mainstream adopters 43:33 – The NFT craze and where it could lead us 51:37 – Thoughts on the next wave? DAOs? Social Networking?