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Breakpoint 2021: WAGMI: Ask Regional Ecosystem Funds Anything

WAGMI, fam. Solana's explosive growth in the last 12 months has been global—even without the support of networking and meetups we're used to in crypto. So we've gathered Solana's regional ecosystem funds to network for the first time ever. Ask them what trends they're seeing, what they're betting on next, and more. It's a rolling panel so expect lots of investors to come through. ↳This session is part of 'Solana Stack Deep-Dive: Users and Global Hot Spots.' The shutdown of travel in the last two years coincided with Solana's explosive growth. The Solana ecosystem thrived even without the cross-pollination of ideas, energy and talent from the global circuit of meet-ups and conferences. These sessions will help you navigate the global hotspots that have emerged on the Solana ecosystem map.