We announced a new product!

Solana Development Course

This course is designed to be the absolute best starting point for Web Developers looking to learn Web3 Development. Solana is the ideal network for starting your Web3 journey because of its high speed, low cost, energy efficiency, and more.

The course is being created by James and others. If you'd like to help out, have a look how you can contribute.

Client interaction with the Solana NetworkModule 1
1.Read data from the network
2.Write data to the network
3.Interact with wallets
4.Serialize custom instruction data
5.Deserialize custom account data
6.Page, Order, and Filter custom account data
Client interaction with common Solana programsModule 2
1.Create tokens with the Token Program
2.Swap tokens with the Token Swap Program
3.Create Solana NFTs With Metaplex
Basic Solana Program DevelopmentModule 3
1.Hello World
2.Create a Basic Program, Part 1 - Handle Instruction Data
3.Create a Basic Program, Part 2 - State Management
4.Create a Basic Program, Part 3 - Basic Security and Validation
Intermediate Solana Program DevelopmentModule 4
1.Local Program Development
2.Program Derived Addresses
3.Cross Program Invocations
4.Program Testing - COMING SOON
Anchor Program DevelopmentModule 5
1.Intro to Anchor development
2.Intro to client-side Anchor development
3.Anchor PDAs and accounts
4.Anchor CPIs and errors