This video is the ultimate guide on creating and verifying an NFT collection on Solana! I show you how to create a collection with Solsea and Metaplex's candy machine v2, and go over the pros and cons of both solutions.

A selection of scripts demonstrating how to use Rust to interact with the Solana blockchain.

In this video, Noah talks about how to use GetProgramAccounts to get all of the token accounts for a particular wallet. We dive into details on how to add complex filters to make your calls more performant, and show you how a token account is structured.

Snowflake Safe is a feature-rich multisig wallet for Solana. Snowflake Safe SDK provides an easy way to interact with Snowflake Safe multisig. You can create safes, submit, approve and execute multisig proposals using the SDK.

Learn how to use Solana Wallet Adapter and Solana Scaffold to build a simple dApp to query a user's wallet and render a list of their Token accounts.

Anchor framework is quickly becoming the de facto approach to building Solana on-chain programs. Its abstractions offer security and ergonomics that a typical Solana developer may miss while chewing glass.

A high level breakdown of pedersen commitments that are used in Solana's zk-tokens to hide token balances or amounts

A basic understanding of zk tokens on Solana, high level breakdown of the zk token's paper-1 of the two whitepapers.

How to use PDAs to enforce single vote per account and also require a small fee in SOL for voting

Anatoly Yakovenko (Solana Labs Co-Founder) joins The Zeitgeist to discuss the current state of Solana and the ways in which the team is working to improve protocol performance.