This sample uses only Web3.js(Arweave and Solana) on React. I don't use Candy Machine v2, Metaplex Storefront, Next.js and Redux.

Snowflake SDK provides services and a set of APIs used for interacting with the automation infrastructure of Snowflake on Solana blockchain.

Use SOL Pay Streams to stream Solana micropayments from users to applications or other users in a fully non-custodial way!

Quickly create an anchor program from templates and set up an anchor dev environment.

Solana blockchain structures data differently than other blockchains, it may be confusing at first but, in my opinion, its model makes sense and is closer to how we represent things in the real world. Thus, we’ll first start by looking at how we do things in the real world and gradually move our way towards the representation of an NFT.

Crossmint is an SDK that enables minting your NFT collection with a credit card - free for creators & only 5 lines of code.

Part 2 - Arbundles

Part 1