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Deploy your own NFT marketplace in 5 minutes with candy shop and the nextJS template.

I have been inspired by projects such as orca, jet, cykura and others that strive towards a high degree of reusability and separation of concerns. It has become clear that one style has emerged.

A Review of Recent Hacks on Solana: what’s in common and how to prevent them?

This tutorial will help you up the basic understanding of Solana and Anchor by building election program with highly memory-efficient solution and complex algorithm to calculate winners.

This article has been written keeping new developers in mind. We will look at some high-level concepts, tools, and technologies you need for Solana development, and at the end, we will build a small dapp.

Solana development is error-prone. Often, people cite Anchor as a remedy to this problem: “write it in Anchor, and your Solana programs will be secure.” Not so fast! There are still many gotchas even when using Anchor. Let’s explore some of them.

Use Anchor to build, test, and deploy a solana program.

Are you ready to launch your NFT collection on Solana? Metaplex's new Candy Machine tool, Sugar, is the tool for you to launch in no time.

This is a SvelteKit project powered by create-svelte to create Solana Dapps based on Svelte. t is using the svelte-wallet-adapter to integrate wallets, and tailwindcss and daisyui for styling.