We announced a new product!

Are you ready to launch your NFT collection on Solana? Metaplex's new Candy Machine tool, Sugar, is the tool for you to launch in no time.

This is a SvelteKit project powered by create-svelte to create Solana Dapps based on Svelte. t is using the svelte-wallet-adapter to integrate wallets, and tailwindcss and daisyui for styling.

In this guide, you will create a wallet (and airdrop some SOL), create fungible token metadata using the Metaplex standard, upload token metadata to Arweave, and mint a new fungible SPL token on Solana.

How to learn Solana

How to create whitelist tokens on Solana and associate them with your Candy Machine V2!

In this video, we talk about how to dig into transaction details on the Solana blockchain.

This is a chill weekend project where you'll build your own online store using Solana Pay. No Rust knowledge is required. Learn how to take payments directly on the blockchain.

This is a hype async, a weekend project for curious devs that want to go beyond hello world on Solana. We'll build PDAs, and set up program security and efficient client-side interaction. You'll learn Rust, write your own custom Solana program and build a slick frontend in next.js to bring it all together.

This video is the ultimate guide on creating and verifying an NFT collection on Solana! I show you how to create a collection with Solsea and Metaplex's candy machine v2, and go over the pros and cons of both solutions.

A selection of scripts demonstrating how to use Rust to interact with the Solana blockchain.